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When you mention Peachtree City to someone, the first thing that they usually say is "That's the city with all the golf carts!"

Peachtree City is a planned community in Georgia. PTC is known for high-ranking schools and low crime rates, but many consider our multi-use path system one of our best features. PTC has 100+ miles of paths that are Golf Cart Friendly. Many adults and teenagers use golf carts to travel around the city doing daily activities like going shopping and out to dinner. Residents who are fifteen years old with a valid Georgia learners permit are allowed to drive a golf cart on their own.

Our PTC Realty team is experienced and local to Peachtree City, Georgia.

If you are considering selling your Peachtree City home or moving to our fantastic city, we are local and ready to help with your real estate services needs. Contact us at or 404-490-2860 for more information.