History of Peachtree City

Peachtree City is a planned community that was created in the 1950's. Peachtree City was chartered March 9, 1959. The city is known for golf carts, the multi-use path system, good schools, low crime and other positive factors. The history of Peachtree City is an interesting read. PTC Realty is dedicated to helping people with their real estate needs in Peachtree City.

The Peachtree City Magazine has published an issue on the History of Peachtree City. The issue may be viewed by clicking here. This issue is written by longtime, respected resident of Peachtree City, Charlie Nelson. In 2023, he still meets Joel Cowan. There are other versions of the story of the history of Peachtree City published by various blogs in the area, do your due diligence on the various sources before you spend your time reading disinformation.

This article, published by the AJC in 2018, covers the high-level attributes of PTC. Golf Carts, Low Crime and Good Schools among others. It even references "The Bubble".

"Peachtree City has prized its big residential backyards and network of trails that snaked through the area long before Atlanta created the Atlanta Beltline."

Source: AJC, click here for the article

Interesting information on the History of the Aberdeen Village from the Royal Lanes Social website.

From the 2017 Comprehensive Plan for Peachtree City:

"Our founders recognized the social and economic value of thoughtful planning, and today we enjoy the high quality of life attributable to their planning. More than just a State-mandated requirement, Peachtree City presents this Comprehensive Plan as a commitment to our status as a preeminent planned community. The Steering Committing reviewed previous plans and ranked policy statements on their current relevance. Collected with the public comments and discussion, several issues bubbled to the top as major reoccurring themes: • the natural environment, • the village concept, • transportation, and • economic development. The Comprehensive Plan Update 2017 is organized around these major themes, with each section listing the relevant goals and policies. It is important to note, however, that many policies and strategies have overlapping impacts and sometimes competing interests. This issue was the keystone of a joint Comprehensive Plan meeting held with elected and appointed decision makers. Community leaders discussed the intertwined impacts of policy decisions, reflecting on how their choices have effects on more than just their area of expertise. It is this understanding of interrelated consequences that the Comprehensive Plan Update 2017 presents the community goals and implementation strategies."