Pickleball in Peachtree City

Pickleball is very popular in Peachtree City. One of the largest Pickleball Clubs in Georgia is based in Fayette County. For more information on the PTC Fayette Pickleball Club, click here.
If access to pickleball courts is influential in your decision on where to live, Peachtree City has a wide variety of courts. Nearby cities like Newnan and Tyrone also have courts available.
Pickleball is growing everyday in Peacthree City. We had the PPA Peachtree Classic Professional Tournament in September 2022. Anna Leigh Waters won the Triple Crown on Championship Sunday. It was a great experience to attend.

Braelinn Courts in Peachtree City/Fayette County

Public Pickleball courts available to residents of Peachtree City and/or Fayette County

We attended the PPA Peachtree Classic - Pickleball tournament in Peachtree City - it was amazing!

Peachtree City Tennis Center
10 Planterra Way
Peachtree City, GA 30269

Tournament Dates
Starts: 09/15/22
Ends: 09/18/22